20 — He’s our own monster.

20 Reasons to Re-Elect President Trump

Michael Benjamin
2 min readOct 21, 2020

The world is full of monsters that want to destroy America.

  • You have the Mullahs in Iran calling for “death to America” while trying to develop nuclear weapons.
  • Then there’s the leadership of North Korea, threatening the United States with nuclear war.
  • China wants to rob America blind, and is making headway by infiltrating government, corporate and academic institutions across the U.S.

Even seemingly friendly nations are attempting to cripple America. Look at the Paris Climate Agreement, for example.

Many of our “allies” signed onto this plan that would transfer trillions of dollars from the United States into their hands.

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Paris Climate Agreement was a brazen attempt by globalist elites to steal enormous amounts of money from the American people. It had nothing to do with environmental protection.

America has enemies at home, too.

There are many corrupt people in powerful positions in American government and media.

These people have no problem watching America burn and Americans die, as long as their wealth and power is left intact.

  • They pushed America into the Paris Climate Agreement scam. (Trump pulled us out.)
  • They pushed America into the Iran Nuclear Agreement scam. (Trump pulled us out.)
  • They put America through the Russia collusion hoax. (Three years, over $50 million of taxpayer money spent, not a shred of evidence produced.)
  • They forced America to focus on baseless impeachment hearings, while China was releasing a deadly virus into the United States.
  • Now they want us to vote for their puppet for president, a man who hasn’t accomplished anything for America in a 47-year career in Washington, but manages to live like a billionaire on a government salary.

Here’s the bottom line: The world is full of monsters.

Greedy, corrupt, cruel and powerful monsters.

They couldn’t care less about America or Americans. In fact, they would enslave us if they could.

We don’t need a “nice guy” as President of the United States.

We don’t need a “friend” or a “pal” in the White House.

We need somebody who can fight and defeat these evil forces.

We need our own monster. That’s Donald Trump.