What it means to be America First.

It’s not just a slogan. It’s a set of principles.

Michael Benjamin
4 min readJun 5, 2021

These statements are all true:

  • Wokeism can be defeated.
  • Cancel culture can be canceled.
  • Marxist-inspired movements, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory, can be stopped.
  • Government corruption can be exposed and minimized.
  • America’s best days are yet to come.

As hard as it may be to believe, as we look around and see everything good about America being destroyed by corrupt politicians and Leftist ideologues, the statements above are all true.

But these things can’t happen by themselves.

More people need to stand up for fundamental American principles. More people need to jump into the arena and fight for these principles. Every patriot running for office should run on these principles.

The 27 Guiding Principles of “America First”

  1. Hire Americans. Ensure, through incentive programs, that jobs are offered to American citizens first. For example, give tax breaks to employers that hire American citizens.
  2. Government contracts. Ensure, by law, that government contracts are available to majority-owned American companies first.
  3. Energy independence. America must be energy independent. We cannot rely on foreign governments, especially those hostile to America, for our energy needs.
  4. “Made in America”. Prioritize domestic manufacturing.
  5. Fair trade. Renegotiate unfair trade agreements. Free trade is not good enough. Trade must be free and fair.
  6. No more scam treaties. Pull out of international scams, such as the Paris Climate Treaty and the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  7. Adjustments to foreign aid. Cancel foreign aid to governments that hate us. We support only our friends and allies.
  8. YES to legal immigration. We welcome legal immigrants through a merit-based system, where applicants are considered based on their potential contributions to American society.
  9. NO to illegal immigration. We enforce our immigration laws. We end the practices of “maternity tourism” and “anchor babies”. There is no pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
  10. Official English. Establish English as the official language of the United States and the only language for government business.
  11. Election integrity. Hold honest, fair and accurate elections, with voter IDs, signature verifications and paper ballots. Voting happens on one Election Day, with few exceptions for special cases. All elections, at every level of government, are transparent, auditable and verifiable. The entire process is open to public scrutiny. Any attempt by foreign governments to undermine our elections is considered an act of war.
  12. No more gerrymandering. End the practice of gerrymandering, where politicians choose their voters, not the other way around.
  13. The Chinese Communist Party must pay. Send a bill to the Chinese government for costs related to their virus. (Current estimate $18.5 trillion.)
  14. Assist the victims of the CCP Virus. Help the families of Americans killed by the CCP virus in suing the Chinese government and their accomplices.
  15. NO to the Olympics in China. Boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
  16. Chinese debt. Suspend debt payments to the Chinese government until issues of the CCP virus and election interference are resolved. If they can’t be resolved, we cancel all debt to China.
  17. Promote American values. Openly and actively support freedom, democracy and human rights movements across the world (starting with Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet).
  18. The Democratic Party. Designate Democratic Party leaders as domestic terrorists.
  19. The Democratic Party. File charges against the Democratic Party at the International Criminal Court (“The Hague”) for crimes against humanity.
  20. Reparations for slavery. Demand reparations for slavery — not from America, Republicans, “white people” , “the South” or other scapegoats — but from the actual perpetrators of the crime: the Democratic Party.
  21. Reparations for genocide. Demand reparations for Native American genocide — not from America, Republicans, “white people”, “the South” or other scapegoats — but from the actual perpetrators of the crime: the Democratic Party.
  22. Ending racism. Eliminate racist policies and frameworks (such as Critical Race Theory) from all government institutions.
  23. Ending racism. Cancel federal funding for non-government institutions (such as think tanks, public broadcasters and universities) that promote racist policies and frameworks (such as Critical Race Theory).
  24. Protect constitutional rights. Cancel federal funding for non-government institutions (such as think tanks, public broadcasters and universities) that violate Americans’ constitutional rights (such as the rampant violations of free speech on college campuses).
  25. Ending tech tyranny. Repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, that allows tech companies to moderate users’ posts and act like publishers — effectively silencing millions of Americans — while enjoying the legal immunity reserved for neutral platforms.
  26. A simple income tax system. Simplify the income tax system. Every American should be able to easily understand and file their own taxes.
  27. The Pledge of Allegiance. Encourage all schools and offices to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning.